Berwick Open Day - Sat 8th Feb

A competition event of athletes who are registered with Little Athletics Victoria Centre. Club uniform must be worn.

Date: Saturday 8th February 2020

Time: Commencing at 2.00pm (approx. 9.00pm finish)

Venue: Edwin Flack Reserve Manuka Rd Berwick Registration: Online at

Entry Fee: $8.00 per event or 4 events for $28.00 Plus $1.65 IMG Fee per entry

Entries close Wednesday 29 th January 2020 (11.59pm) NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE PERMITTED

Canteen: Hot and Cold food and drinks and confectionery will be available at all times. Additionally a full BBQ will be in operation at ‘dinner time’ Awards: Berwick LAC Medals will be awarded to the first three place getters and Ribbons for 4th onwards. 

Click here to register

2019-2020 Track & Field Season



Fees reduced to $115 for the remainder of the season - includes cross country season over winter (optional)

Register for 2019/20 season - you can register at any stage through the season

Sat 11th Jan Program 11 - 8:30am - 11am
Sat 18th Jan Program 12 - 8:30am 
Fri 24th Jan Program 13 6pm Twilight (pre Aust day weekend)
Sat 1st Feb Program 14 - 8:30am 
Sat 8th Feb Berwick Open day - 2pm onwards
15th & 16th Feb Gippsland Region T&F Championships - Edwin Flack
Sat 22nd Feb Program 16 - 8:30am - 11am
Sat 29th Feb Program 17 - 8:30am - 11am 
Fri 6th March Program 18 - 6pm Twilight (pre Labour day weekend)
14th & 15th March State T&F Championships - Casey Fields
Sat 21st March Program 19  - 8:30am Berwick LAC Championships
Sat 21st March T&F Presentation night/AGM

What is little athletics? As the name suggests, it is based upon the sport of athletics (track and field and cross country running). There are a wide range of events from Sprints, Hurdles, Middle Distance, Race Walking, Relays, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Long Jump, Triple Jump, and High Jump. Events are modified to suit the age, developmental stage and ability of the children. Little Athletics is the "Foundation for all Sports" as all sports use the skills developed at Little Athletics.

What age can my child attend little athletics? Children who will be between the ages of five (5) and fifteen (15) years on 31 December 2019 can register. If your child turns 5 after 31st December, they can join on or after their birthday. Unlike other sports, you can join athletics at any point through the season.

What does little athletics cost? Just $180 per child for the entire year (October through to August). This includes both track & field (summer) and cross country (winter) seasons. Discounts apply to families with multiple children.

What is Track and Field (summer) Season? Track and field season focuses on track events (running & hurdles at various distances) and field events (throwing and jumping). It starts the first week of October and finishes at the end of March (School Terms 4 & 1) and runs for approximately 20 weeks of various programs.

What is Cross country (winter) Season? Cross country running is where children run between 750m and 3000m depending on their age, starting in April through to the end of August (School terms 2 & 3). The courses cover a variety of surfaces including grass, trails, open country, hills, flat ground and sometimes even a bit of mud. Cross country season is great to keep kids active during winter and build a solid fitness base.

My child is not sporty, can they still attend? YES, children can join with any level of skill or fitness. Our emphasis is on Family, Fun & Fitness. Children are given plenty of encouragement to achieve personal bests (PB's). Little Athletics recognises that children vary widely in shape, size and athletic ability, and is one of few sports that successfully caters for all. We encourage everyone.

Can my child try it before I register/pay? We encourage all children to trial athletics to see if they like it. All athletes are entitled to two (2) free sessions and if they wish to continue, can register after these sessions.

When is Berwick little athletics on? Track & Field is Saturday mornings. Warm ups at 8:15am and events at 8:30am sharp. There is an occiasion twilights event which starts at 6.00pm sharp. 

Where is little athletics held?  Berwick Little Athletics is conducted at Edwin Flack Reserve, Manuka Road Berwick.

What do I need to bring? All you need to bring is your uniform, running shoes, water bottle, hat and sun cream.

Does my child need to attend every week? While we encourage participation, attendance is optional. We understand families have other commitments and have no issues with children missing weeks, leaving early or arriving late.

Does my child need a uniform? You don’t need a uniform to trial little aths. Once you are registered, you are expected to wear a uniform.

When is training? Training will be held every week and is optional. More details click on the training tab.

2019/20 Season Sponsors

Cross Country Season

Cross Country is our Winter Athletics season. It is family orientated and we encourage and allow all members of the family to participate. We run and race on all types of tracks … through puddles, bush trails, mud and open grass and in all weather conditions.

We participate in a number of team events, competition events and handicap races to add variety. To finish the season, we have a Championship race where all kids receive a medal or ribbon and a presentation night to cap off the season. Participation trophies are awarded to all children who have run a minimum of 8 events. We encourage all abilities and reward PB’s (personal bests). It’s not just how fast you run, it’s how much you can improve.

Each Saturday at 9am we will run events with the approximate distances - races are finished by 10am and age is as at 31st December 2019:

Under 6- 7 - 1000m,  Under 8-9 1500m, Under 10-11 2000m, Under 12-16 3000m

Cross Country Training (optional):

Mondays & Wednesdays 4.30pm – 5.30pm @ Edwin Flack Reserve. 


Most events will be held in the grass areas surrounding Edwin Flack reserve, Manuka Rd, Berwick. To make things interesting, we also run in local park lands such as Cardinia Reservoir, Lysterfield lake, Akoonah Park and Aranmore lake.


  • Improve your fitness or build fitness for other sports
  • Be outdoors in winter, away from the computer/TV/phone screens
  • Be with your friends and create new friends
  • To be healthy, create good habits and improve yourself
  • Training for Little Athletics Championships or School events
  • Park run is too long or doesn’t offer enough variety
  • Or just because you love running and being active!

How much:

  • Registered athletes in 2019/20 summer season is already included annual membership
  • New members, only $90.00 - covers all our costs of running the season, insurance, season end trophies and medals/ribbons on our Berwick championship event.
  • Small fee applies to those entering region/state events or open days

For further information please contact:

Dan Langelaan

Cross Country Coordinator

Upcoming events

24/01/2020 T&F Program 13 6 pm Twilight (Pre Aust day weekend)
28/01/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
29/01/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
30/01/2020 Advanced and Fundamental Training 5-6pm
01/02/2020 T&F Program 14
04/02/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
05/02/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
06/02/2020 Advanced and Fundamental Training 5-6pm
08/02/2020 Berwick Open Day 2pm Onwards
11/02/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
12/02/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
13/02/2020 Advanced and Fundamental Training 5-6pm
15/02/2020 Gippsland Region T&F Championships
16/02/2020 Gippsland Region T&F Championships
18/02/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
19/02/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
20/02/2020 Advanced and Fundamental Training 5-6pm
22/02/2020 T&F Program 16
25/02/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
26/02/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
27/02/2020 Advanced and Fundamental Training 5-6pm
29/02/2020 T&F Program 17
03/03/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
04/03/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
05/03/2020 Advanced and Fundamental Training 5-6pm
06/03/2020 T&F Program 18 6pm Twilight (Pre Labour Day Weekend)
10/03/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
11/03/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
12/03/2020 Advanced and Fundamental Training 5-6pm
14/03/2020 State T&F Championships
15/03/2020 State T&F Championships
17/03/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
18/03/2020 Advanced Training (U9-U16 Only) 5-6pm
19/03/2020 Advanced and Fundamental Training 5-6pm
21/03/2020 Berwick LAC Championships
21/03/2020 T&F Presentation Night/AGM

We are an Accredted Good Sports Club