Little Athletics as we know it commenced with the first competition meeting on 3rd October 1964 at Landy Field in Geelong. This was the brainchild of Trevor Billingham (dec) and assisted by his wife Christine Billingham (dec).  Very shortly Alan Triscott attended and offered to help out. The start of what we know today. Trevor and Alan would jump in the car and travel the state promoting Little Athletics and opening Centres.

 In 1969/70 Trevor and Alan visited Berwick and a new Centre Berwick Little Athletics (Centre no, 62) was formed. However this only lasted a couple of seasons and was closed down.

 In 1985/86 Berwick Village reformed as a Little Athletics Club and participated at the Dandenong Little Athletics Centre (38) until the end of the 2000/01 season. In the 80’s St Margaret’s School in Berwick provided its facilities for the club to train. Due to the efforts of a series of hard working Committees the Edwin Flack Athletics facility adjacent to the Secondary College was established in the early 90’s. For 10 years Berwick Village trained at the Leisure Centre and the Edwin Flack track but continued to compete on Saturdays at the DLAC Centre at Robert Booth Reserve in Dandenong. Quite a few Berwick Village still to this day hold Centre records at DLAC.  The 2000/01 season coincided with the Sydney Olympics and the number of registered athletes competing for Berwick Village peaked at 150. By an overwhelming majority the members of Berwick Village voted to establish the Casey Little Athletics Centre. We would like to acknowledge past Presidents of Berwick Village (this is a work in progress so if you can help please speak up) Geoff Wyatt, Rob Clutterbuck, Paul Olsson, John Aldersey, Steve Vernill, Andrew Prosser.

 Casey Little Athletics Centre (154) was formed in 2001 and conducted its first season of competition in the 2001/02 season at Edwin Flack Reserve in Berwick and there were 259 registered athletes that season. Casey Little Athletics started as part of the Southern Metropolitan Region (SMR) for Region Championships before LAVic moved Casey to Gippsland Country Region (GCR) for the 2009/10 season. After many years of hard work and lobbying especially through the efforts of Paul Olsson, Shane Triffitt, Peter Hughes, Stuart Merrick and Steve Woolfe the City of Casey in 2014 announced funding to upgrade the Edwin Flack Track to an All Weather (Synthetic) Track.

The 2014/15 season was disrupted by the track upgrade and Casey Little Athletics Centre had to temporarily relocate to Casey Fields. The return to Edwin Flack Reserve in 2015/16 was a big bonus for the future of Casey as a Little Athletics Centre. We would like to acknowledge the past and current Presidents of Casey Little Athletics Centre - inaugural President Paul Olsson (2001-04), Michael Wallace (2004-07), Shane Triffitt (2001-11), Peter Hughes (2011-13) and Steve Woolfe (2013–16) & Dan Langelaan (2016 - current).

 Whilst it is not possible to recognize all the many dedicated Committees and Coaches who have provided fun, support, training and guidance to children who competed for both Berwick Village and Casey. Each season athletes continue to win medals at Region and State Championships and break Centre Records. Perhaps what is more important than these outstanding athletic achievements , is the fact that Berwick Village and Casey has provided the opportunity for over three thousand children and their families to compete in a fun and fair athletic competition, to form lifelong friendships, to develop a sense of good sportsmanship and to participate in the community.

In 2017, Casey Little Athletics changed its name to Berwick Little Athletics to better indentify it's location at Edwin Flack reserve in Berwick. This will avoid the confusion where the general public have historically associated Casey Little Athletic with the Casey Fields venue.

We look forward to another successful year at the Berwick Little Athletics Centre for all our athletes and families.