Berwick Multi Event

The Berwick Little Athletics Multi Event proudly supported by South East Accountants

The Multi-Event event is the Little Athletics equivalent of the Decathlon &/or Heptathlon. The concept of the Multi-event is to determine combined performance across a range of disciplines including running, jumping and throwing. Points are awarded for the performance in each individual discipline (not place) and are then combined at the conclusion to determine a total point score. At Centre Level Berwick uses the Alberta Points scoring tables for U9-U15 athletes and at the State Multi-Event LAVic uses the Alberta Points scoring tables for U9-U14 athletes and the IAAF scoring tables for U15-19 athletes as this is the points system used by Little Athletics Australia at the Australian Little Athletics Championships (ALAC)

Berwick LAC uses a modified version of the Alberta Table for U6-U8 Athletes

Please do not compare Age Group against Age Group especially if you have children in multi Age Groups

State Multi Event Championship 2021/22

The State Multi Event Championship is a competition for Under 9 to Under 16 athletes. Athletes compete in five, six, seven or eight events, depending on the age group and are awarded points for their performance in each event. The athlete with the most points after the completion of all the events is awarded the winner.

Age groups with five events will complete all five events on the One Day, Age Groups with more than five events will compete over two Days. Athletes must compete in all the scheduled events for the age group in order to receive a place.

When:  TBC

Where: Lakeside stadium, Albert Park